Saturday, October 30, 2010


Photography: "Hi Guys I am Rohan (My Friends Call Me RSK :P).My favorite Hobby is 'PHOTOGRAPHY'(I like Guitar Too).My this blog is related all about Photography. OK lets start. Though I am not expert,still i can give you Some Tips For a good photography"

Saturday, September 25, 2010


 The real cost of photography is the great shots you left behind or lament when they aren't up to what you expected.
Here are Top 10 Tips 4 Photography:
1]Get down on the shot's level.
2]Use a plane background.
3]Use Flash outdoor.
4]Move in close.
5]Tack some vertical Pictures.
6]Lock the focus.
7]Move it from the middle.
8]Know your flash's range.
9]Watch the light.
10]Be a picture Director.

  By following these tips you will get a perfect shot.
 then why thinking???? enjoy photography man.

These are some of my pic's.(Not So Professional just posted them only because of my interest,I Would Like to Get Some Comments From A Pro Photographer )